Remo is a virtual events platform

Come for our human experience. Stay for everything else.

Create engaging events and help your audience build meaningful relationships through a platform built for the experience and not just meetings.
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Never let your attendees say: "It's just another Zoom virtual event" ever again.

Online events are sooo boring. Here. We said it. When you have more than 20 people in a single room the event becomes a moderated circle.

Conversations become impossible, people don't have the possibility to speak, know or engage with other participants.
People are just staring at their screen for hours and online events become just like all other meetings people have throughout the day.

With Remo, you can finally create events that are as real as face-to-face meetings

Fairs & Tradeshows
Happy Hours
Eventos híbridos
Networking Events
Seminarios web
Creación de equipos
Career Fairs
Expos & Summits
Poster Sessions

Multiple event formats, one single platform

Whether you are looking to organize a networking event or an online summit, Remo has got you covered with a wide array of use cases that put people at the center and humanize the online experience.
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Networking virtual tables that make meaningful conversations unlike any other web conference

Attendees are able to move freely in a Remo event, walk to different tables, and talk to who they want to, on their own terms. Freedom never felt so good!
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Host an event now

3x Your Engagement with visually stunning environments

Let attendees immerse themselves in a engaging environment by creating multiple rooms and floors for different purposes.

Choose from a variety of different environments or design your own to create an immersive online experience unlike any other.

Seamlessly transition from webinar to networking

Say goodbye to the gloomy silence after a presentation.

With presentation & conversation modes you can easily switch from a virtual webinar to a networking event and give attendees the possibility to create topic focused micro-discussion groups and intimate 1-on-1s all hallmarks to creating organic authentic relationships at scale.
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Create engaging experiences

All the tools you need to organize your events

Remo gives the organizers unlimited control in the event organization by adding multiple engagement options such as polling, vip tables or whiteboards but also analytics capabilities to monitor the effectiveness of their meetings.

Never finish an online event without wondering about results and back everything up with easy-to-read event data to prove your ROI.
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Great for participants. It has a natural networking feel to it. You can jump from table to table. Great for organizers, as you can move people into the conference setting at will. That actually gives a more captive audience for sponsors. Great promotion space for sponsors and vendors. The fact that organizers have an invisible seat, allowing them to get into full tables is key.
Georgia Roberts


So far as I know, there is no similar product.
The idea of presentations followed by discussions, gives a networking experience unavailable on Google Meet or ZOOM.
In fact enabling initial interaction Remo is perhaps better than real life. It is less of an effort to push yourself into a conversation.
Brendan Lee


The best feature of presentation mode is that you can bring the guests or speakers to the stage which gives a feeling similar to an in-person event. In the networking mode, the tables can be arranged in different styles.

It can handle a large number of users, like even 400 without significant technical issues.
Shanice Thomas
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See why hundreds of companies choose Remo over traditional meeting and event tools

In-person-like networking
Immersive floorplans
Table-to-table movement
Seat assignments
Embed videos & resources
Native white-boarding with templates
Embed Web Apps
Audience view emojis
Engagement/learning analytics
24 x 5 Attendee and Host Support
Zoom, MS Teams,
Google Meets

...and it’s super easy to use for attendees

We designed the platform so that even your grandmother can easily login and access Remo and, on top of that, a quick 1-minute onboarding can be added with a single click. Login takes seconds, not minutes.
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The most affordable tool to run better online gatherings

Host unlimited meetings and events starting at just $25 per month
Flexible pricing for your event and meeting needs
Choose the plan that best suits your usage
All the engagement boosting features you’ll ever need

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